Lizzie PetersonEdit

Full NameEdit

Elizabeth Maude Peterson, which is only used when she is in trouble.


  • Betsey Peterson (mother)
  • Paul Peterson (father)
  • Charles Peterson (younger brother)
  • Bean Peterson (younger brother)
  • Amanda (aunt)
  • Maria Santiago (best friend)
  • Daphne Drake (friend)
  • Brianna (friend)

Personality Edit

Lizzie is a spunky, dog-loving girl. She can be a know-it-all sometimes, but she loves dogs, and dog facts. She collects dog figurines and named them all. Her figurines all hace names and personalities. She also knows almost every single dog breed from their looks, thanks to her "Dog Breeds of the World" poster above her bed. She has a large collection of dog books. Lizzie is in fourth grade at Littleton Elementary. Her favorite puppies were Buddy, Noodle, Shadow, and Teddy.